Hero of the Day Program

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Hero of the Day Program Overview

Officer Andrew Schlossnagle

What is Hero of the Day?

Hero of the Day is a program for caring adults to volunteer at Deep Run. Caring adults will greet students in the morning, help in classrooms, eat lunch with students, and play with students at recess. It is a school spirit program to show our students how much we all care and support them and their school.

Who can participate?

Parents/guardians, grandparents, community leaders and other adults in our students’ lives.

When can I do it?

We can accommodate your schedule and find a time that is convenient for you. Usually Heroes come Tuesdays and Thursdays. The school day is 9:30-3:45 and you are more than welcome to be here for the day, but the hours can be adjusted to meet your needs. We do ask for a minimum of 2 hours from each Hero. Use the form below to volunteer!

Why should I participate?

Kids LOVE to see caring adults in school. Your child will be proud to have you visit. Your participation sends a strong, positive message to all students that school is important. You will be a hero for the day!

How will I know what to do?

Your participation will be confirmed via phone and email. When you arrive you will be greeted given a schedule to follow. A staff member will escort you through the schedule as needed.

Interested in volunteering? Feel free to sign up!


If you have questions or need help signing up, you can contact Glenna Deekle (DRES Family Involvement Contact) or Eric Soskil (DRES Title I teacher) by phone at school (410-313-5000) or by email: